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i-Geo Golden Metatron Mat for Relics

i-Geo Golden Metatron Mat for Relics

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Our i-Geo Golden Metatron mat is perfect for both relics and holy images to amplify the energies.


  • The mat is perfect to use as the base for your altar, temple or shrine, to place your relics and holy images on.
  • Bring more blessings
  • Amplify the energies
  • Expand the energy fields
  • Deepen your connection

How to use:

Our i-Geo Golden Metatron mat is easy to use.  Simply use as the base for your alter, shine or template and then place holy images, relics and special treasures to enhance and expand the energy. 

The mat also comes with two ties (44 cm long) which can be used to secure the mat in place, or if you choose to hang your mat the two ties can be tied together. 

Perfect for:

Prayer tables, shrines, temples and altars.

The convenient size (45cm by 45cm) makes it great for your home, bedroom, meditations, car, office and travelling.


Made from a thick golden satin material our quality i-Geo Golden Metatron mat is beautifully crafted with the Metratron symbol carefully embrodied into the fabric.


Our i-Geo Golden Metratron mat measures 45cm x 45cm.


Gold in colour, embroided on one side, with a plain golden reverse side.

Order yours today, and see and feel the difference. 

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