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i-Xing Energy Pyramid - For Energy, Mediation and Good Health

i-Xing Energy Pyramid - For Energy, Mediation and Good Health

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i-Xing Energy Pyramid - Overview

Enhance positive energy, career success, personal protection and good fortune with our stunning i-Xing Energy Pyramid.

This amazing pyramid is designed to radiate postive energy, to enhance your energy field and raise your body's vibration.

i-Xing energy healing pyramid

How does the i-Xing Energy Pyramid work?

The pyramid generates a magentic resonance energy field, it has the potential to:

  • Improve your mental, physical and emotional well being
  • Activate human cells to enhance your immune system
  • Awaken your self-healing power
  • Counterbalance negative energy
  • Raise your energy vibration, bringing more flow and positive outcomes into your life
  • Strengthen your human spirit
Healing and Balancing Energy Pyramid

How to use?

The perfectly formed pyramid is a beautiful addition to any home and works well in your indoor living space or bedroom.

The top of the pyramid opens, proving a small chamber to add hair and/or finger nails (your own DNA) and any special mantras or relics, copper coils or your favorite small crystals.
This space within the pyramid is positioned above a Metatron's cube symbol, and the light passing through radiates cosmic energy which your human body can receive.

The i-Xing Energy Pyramid is easy to care for and requires no maintenance, simply dust carefully, and from time to time you may choose to change the contents within it's small chamber.

Product information:

Made from: The pyramid is made from K9 Glass. K9 has very high optical clarity and is used within telescopes, thermal imaging, lasers and lenses.

Pyramid Size: (inches) 4 inch (L) x 4 inch (W) x 4.5 inch (H)

Pyramid Size: (centimeters ) 10 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 10.3 cm (H).

Shipping Costs: Special Deal - US$11 shipping worldwide for a limited time.

Simply order online today and we'll carefully package your i-Xing Energy Pyramid and despatch promptly.

i-Xing Energy Pyramid - More Information:


Scientists have studied the magical function and structures of the pyramid, which produces a special kind of energy, the pyramidal energy.
The pyramidal energy is a combination of many kinds of light and studies have shown since ancient times the four sloping sides of the pyramid have been found to attract powerful bio-energy forces that can help in healing.

Metatron's Cube:

Metatron's Cube symbol reflects the six energy gates of the human body, and is aligned with the fusion of human energy.
When these six energy gates are opened, the body's meridians and yin and yang reach equilibrium.

Each of these six rays of light represents different energy meanings, to fulfill the human body's original potential and spiritual ability and it can even change destiny and overcome obstacles.

Healing and Balancing Energy Pyramid

Light refracting through our i-Xing Energy Pyramid

Disclaimer:  Though pyramids have much to offer energetically and vibrationally – all those who purchase our i-Xing Energy pyramid are personally responsible for their own health care, and understand that these pyramids are never to be considered a viable substitute for seeking medical attention. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.



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