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i-Xing Golden Home Energy Pyramid

i-Xing Golden Home Energy Pyramid

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i-Xing Golden Home Energy Pyramid - Overview

The i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid is a beautiful showpiece for your home, manufactured from the finest K9 crystal, renowned for its amazing clarity and resonance.

The pyramid comes with a removable lid, allowing for gold foil to be placed inside, further increasing its power and allure.

Adorned with specially designed golden symbols featuring both Metatron’s cube and the Flower of Life, the i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid amplifies and uplifts the energies of your home and all those living within.

i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid - afternoon sun

How does the i-Xing Golden Home Energy Pyramid work?

The pyramid generates a magentic resonance energy field, it has the potential to:

  • Enhances and stablises the energy field within your home
  • Brings Feng Shui balance, improving the flow of qi
  • Promotes a harmonious atmosphere within the home and within the family
  • Assists with purifying the energies within the home
  • Deflects negative energies from the home
  • Strengthens the aura of your space
  • Promote stronger family relationships and positive thinking
  • Amplifies the sunlight and radiates rainbow light energy

 i-Xing Golden Home Energy Pyramid - glowing with the sunset

To embrace the amazing beauty and benefits of the i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid, purchase one today and feel the difference.

How to use?

The perfectly formed pyramid is a beautiful addition to any home and works well in your indoor living space or bedroom.

The top of the pyramid opens, proving a small chamber to add any special mantras or relics, small crystals or golden foil.

The i-Xing Golden Home Energy Pyramid is easy to care for and requires no maintenance, simply dust carefully, and from time to time you may choose to change the contents within it's small chamber.

Product information:

Made from: The pyramid is made from K9 Glass. K9 has very high optical clarity and is used within telescopes, thermal imaging, lasers and lenses.

Pyramid Size: (inches) 4 inch (L) x 4 inch (W) x 4.5 inch (H)

Pyramid Size: (centimeters ) 10 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 10.3 cm (H).

Shipping Costs: Special Deal - US$11 shipping worldwide for a limited time.

We ship the i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid internationally in a specially designed, hard sided case with cushioned interior to ensure it is delivered safely to your door.

i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid - packaging

Like to maximise the power of i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid?

You may choose to place .999 pure gold foil inside the pyramid, by simplying removing the top of the pyramid and carefully placing the foil inside.

This increases the pyramid energies, bringing more prosperity and good fortune to those who live within your home.


Have you seen our beautiful, silver i-Geo Metatron mats?

Our smaller silver i-Geo Metatron mat is the perfect addition to your home to accompany your i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid.

Simply place the i-Geo mat under the pyramid to amplify the pyramid energies within your home.

You can also place your crystals around the pyramid on the i-Geo Metatron mat to cleanse and energise, strengthening the crystal healing powers as well.

Do you have questions?

Should you have any questions about the i-Xing Golden Home Pyramid or any of our products, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help and assist.


Disclaimer:  Though pyramids have much to offer energetically and vibrationally – all those who purchase our i-Xing Golden Home Energy pyramid are personally responsible for their own health care, and understand that these pyramids are never to be considered a viable substitute for seeking medical attention. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.



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