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i-Uny Health Crystal

i-Uny Health Crystal

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i-Uny High Vibrational Health Crystal

Our i-Uny Health Crystal provides the following benefits:

🌟 Anti fatigue – reduce and lower stress whilst increasing both your physical and mental energy.

🌟 Purify – transmute negative energy into positive energy and purify your energy fields.

🌟 Harmonize– from your cells to your charkas align your body for improved health, circulation and wellbeing.


Enhance life energy, stabilize spirit, and promote physical and mental health. Invigorates energy, enhances personal immunity, enhances the body's self-healing ability and relieves pain.

Made from:

Fluorite can stabilize energy and clean up negative energy. It can assist the energy gathering and integration of different chakras, release negative energy and then make the energy complete and stable, and restore your original light.

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