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i-Uny Golden Age 636 Crystal

i-Uny Golden Age 636 Crystal

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i-Uny Golden Age 636 Benefits:

Our i-Uny Golden Age 636 crystal provides the following benefits:

🌈 Growth – accelerate your spiritual growth and unlock your spiritual gifts.

🌈 Alignment – align and balance your energy fields and chakras, deflect negative energies and allow your dream life to unfold.

🌈 Power – enhance your frequency and raise your vibration, whilst also strengthening the power and benefits of all other i-Uny crystals.

Cooperating with the operation mode of the new world, "Golden Age 636 Crystal" helps us adapt to the changes of the new era, stabilize our life, and create a dream life!

Made from:

African jasper (kambaba jasper) - a mineral that symbolizes mystery and new life.

✅It is the guardian of the soul and can absorb negative energy

✅Provide insight in emotional difficulties and help self-discipline

✅Awaken the lost talent

✅Resist supernatural attacks

✅Improve insomnia, blood circulation and digestive problems

✅Prevent the influence of electromagnetic waves and environmental pollution

✅Purify the chakras, help personal health, and perceive the rhythm and rhythm of the earth

Shape: Merkaba

The combination of the triangular column and the inverted three-country column is a sublimated version of the energy of the hexagram. Wearing it on the body can make people grow spiritually and heal all problems. Placing it indoors can also bring healing power and assist group healing.

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