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i-Geo Golden Metatron Mediation Mat For Men

i-Geo Golden Metatron Mediation Mat For Men

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Our i-Geo Golden Metatron Large Mat for Men is perfect for both meditation and sleeping.


  • Strengthen and deeper mediation
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Balance energy fields
  • Purify and align chakras
  • Balance Yin & Yang energy
  • Improve circulation and metabolism

How to use:

Our i-Geo Golden Metatron mat is easy to use. The golden design is specifically for men, with the Large Silver Metatron mat designed for women.

Simply sit on the mat for powerful and deeper mediations, or place on your bed whilst sleeping to improve and enhance your sleep.

The mat also has two ties (44 cm long) sewn into the fabric which can be used to secure the mat in position, or they can be tied together if you would like to hang the mat on the wall.


Made from a thick golden satin material our quality i-Geo Golden Metatron mat is double stitched with the Metratron symbol carefully embrodied into the fabric.


Our large i-Geo Golden Metratron mat measures 55cm x 55cm.


Gold in colour, embroided on one side, with a plain golden reverse side.

Order yours today and feel the amazing energies.

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